3D Printing fAQs


What is rapid prototyping/3D printing? 

Rapid prototyping is a series or group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a physical part or assembly using computer aided design to create a three dimensional file. Taking this three dimensional file, 3D Dad is able to offer fast design iterations, physical proof-of-concepts, scale models, and miniatures among many other methods. This enables you to performance test, part fit, see your scale models and models of any size in your hands. 

How can 3D Dad help you? 

We offer access to some of the best  tools of modern manufacturing. This enables you to test form, fit, and function repeatedly and with an accurate representation of the final product or part. We provide a smart and cost-effective alternative to design new products and solve engineering challenges that are likely going to arise. 

What does 3D Dad offer that others do not? 

We enable you to fully realize your ideas. We're here to work with you no matter where you are in the 3D printing design phase. Our talented design production specialists turn projects around with the highest quality output at the lowest cost to our customers. 

What if you know nothing about 3D printing but have a great 3D print idea?

No matter the skill level or step you are on, we are here to assist! Do you just have an idea? Only have a sketch on a napkin? Not sure where to start? Our design production specialists will work with you to get your idea fully realized and in your hands quickly, efficiently, and most importantly - affordable. 

How can I get information to 3D Dad to start the process? 

Contact us for more information or send us your part file in any 3D software format to request a quote. 

You can also email all files along with any NDA's to info@3DDad.com