Custom 3d Print models & Designs

At 3D Dad, we have years of experience perfecting the fine art and science of printing models at high resolution.


We provide quick, efficient and stunning prints in almost any color and material imaginable. We are capable of small-batch and large-batch manufacturing with our fleet of FDM, SLA and DLP printers.

Our collection of FDM and resin printers allow us to produce a perfect model of your sculpture, prototype or other design exactly how you imagine it to be. 

Thingiverse is a great place to find models that you can upload directly to our 3D hub for an instant quote! If your model is not listed on Thingiverse, consider using us for design services. Please email your STL's to for a quote.

Custom Order Request

Send us some details on what you have in mind - and we'll be in touch shortly to make your dream a reality! company partners