Custom Designed and Built 3D Printer

Large Sized Printers

Do you need a 3D printer that is bigger than any you can currently buy on the market? We can help! We gather your input and design based off your requirements. No size is too big. 

Small Footprint Printers

Need a 3D printer designed to fit in a specific space or area? We specialize in the design of specific printers based on environment concerns. 

Custom printers

Multiple Filament Printers

We specialize in designing any type of printer configuration up to five filament colors or types at a time.  Whether your requirement is one nozzle or five, we have you covered. 

Custom Prints

Did you know you can can print just about anything in 3D? Need to print chocolate? 3D Dad can do that. Want to print a design in a paste like mashed potatoes? We can do that too. You've come to the right place for all your 3D needs.

Custom orders

3D Printing Assistance

Purchased a printer online and the directions are in Chinese? Maybe you just need a bit of guidance. Whatever the case, contact us for support with your new 3D printer (whether you purchased from us or not) - we can help.

Technical Services

All things 3D

At 3D Dad, we live and breathe all things 3D. We can assist with anything and everything you might be looking for when it comes to 3D printing. Contact us if you don't see a service or product that doesn't meet your needs.

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